Episode 67: In Defense of Alien 3: Gibson's New Nightmare

In this minisode—the first in a series of three—Ryan tackles the horrifying, fascinating script written by legendary sci-fi figure William Gibson all the way back in 1987. Gibson's script, which he titled Alien III, explodes with innovative ideas, memorable characters, and high-budget setpieces.

Although it was never filmed (and indeed was followed by nearly a dozen subsequent script rewrites), Gibson's ghostly story has influenced subsequent Alien Saga films in some very real and noticeable ways—perhaps none more so than Alien: Covenant.

Before we got Alien 3, we nearly had Alien III.

This is its story.

Episode 9: A Spoiler Reaction to Blade Runner 2049

In this episode, Jaime and Patrick are joined by Peter Haight, an original co-founder of Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast. Peter is a huge fan of the Blade Runner universe and sits down to discuss specific details from the film. This was our first attempt to lightly unpack much of what we saw in 2049. If you're cool with spoilers, give this a listen. You won't be disappointed. 

Episode 7: Blush Response

This is a very special episode, as Patrick, Ryan, and Jaime talk about what Blade Runner means to them. Blade Runner isn't your ordinary science fiction film, it's a very personal journey for all who adore the film. We are in a very special time, awaiting what we hope to be an incredible follow up film, as it releases tonight around the world. Join us as we ruminate about the spell only Blade Runner can cast. 

Episode 66: In Defense of Alien 3: Development Hell

At long last, Jaime and Patrick sit down and discuss an overview of the development hell that was the birthing and gestation process for Alien 3. This epsiode is the jumping off point for three separate mini-episodes that will release in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience as we have been on hiatus for a short while. We are back, with so much in store. As always, thank you for listening and supporting us.

Episode 6: Burning With the Fires of Orc

Ryan, Patrick and Jaime sit down together (at last) to talk about "Black Out," the third and final installment in the short in-universe Blade Runner films before the release of 2049. We go on to discuss the first impressions of 2049 as posted on Twitter, and a substantial and spoiler-free rundown of the film, as posted by a Reddit user. This was an exciting episode. Thank you all for listening. 

Episode 5: Break the World

In this episode, Patrick and Jaime discuss the featured piece by Wired Magazine which is, thus far, the most in-depth article surrounding the making of Blade Runner 2049. The second segment of the show details an interview that Denis Villeneuve conducted with the press in Moscow. Some very interesting things are mentioned. Kick back and enjoy as we discuss these things and so much more.

Episode 4: Indulge Me

In this episode, Patrick and Jaime discuss the latest short film, Nowhere to Run, featuring Dave Bautista as Sapper. We continue to discuss the news of Hans Zimmer taking over as composer for Blade Runner 2049, and what that could mean for the score. Last but not least, we discuss the revelation that Sean Young quietly filmed for three days to reprise her role as Rachael. All this, and so much more. Enjoy!

Episode 65: In Defense of Alien 3 (Part 1)

The entire hosting staff of Perfect Organism sits down to discuss impressions of ALIEN 3. This episode is the jumping off point for mini-series deep dive into many aspects of the now famous, storied, and troubled Alien 3. In the coming weeks and months, Perfect Organism will dissect everything from the incredible score by Elliot Goldenthal, to the creature design and effects, the reception the film received, and how the film was the first of many fissures into a very divided and polarized fan base. Join JM, Ryan, Patrick, Mykal, and Dave for a riveting hour of discussion.

Proximity: Last Stand at Hadley's Hope (sneak preview)

Perfect Organism Podcast has been steadily at work on a feature-length audio drama. Proximity: Last Stand at Hadley's Hope chronicles the lives of a pair of siblings who struggle to survive the alien infestation of the Hadley's Hope Colony on LV426 (as seen in James Cameron's seminal film, Aliens). Proximity is currently in production, with a target release date of October 2017. Stay tuned!

Proximity is written and directed by JM Prater, produced by Perfect Organism Podcast, and stars Patrick Greene, Micah Greene, Bradford Eckhart, and Kevin Duffield.

Episode 3: Do You Like Our Owl?

On this episode, JM, Patrick, and Ryan discuss the first official entry into the Blade Runner visual universe since 1982. 2036: Nexus Dawn is a six-minute short film, directed by Luke Scott, and serves to give the audience a peak into the happenings between the end of 2019's Blade Runner and the events in 2049. This is a deep and complex discussion about the set, the mood, the implications of a perceived villain, and so much more. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. 

Episode 63: Reviewing the Alien: Covenant Blu-ray

Dave, Mykal, and Patrick hold down the fort this week with a two-part episode about beginnings. The first half is a breakdown and discussion of the fascinating “Advent” short included on the home release of Alien: Covenant; the second half is a heartfelt exploration of how love for the franchise is passed from generation to generation. The episode ends with a number of call-ins, emails, and messages we received from you. We were honored to feature your original stories on the show, and can’t wait to hear more in the future!

Episode One: The Shoulder of Orion

Welcome to Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Podcast, a brand new show. This is our debut episode, presented by the guys at Perfect Organism: The ALIEN Saga Podcast. In this episode, your hosts, Jaime, Patrick and Ryan talk about why Shoulder of Orion was started, the need for an exlcusive Blade Runner podcast, our first experiences with the film, favorite moments, character breakdowns, and 2049,  the forthcoming and controversial sequel to 1982's Blade Runner. We hope you enjoy this episode. There is so much more to come.

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