16 // I'm Here for Mr. Wallace: Interviews with Dr. Robin Bunce

Dr. Robin Bunce, a historian of political ideas at the University of Cambridge, published a thought-provoking article in the New Statesman in October on how Blade Runner 2049's dystopian setting feels unsettlingly close to our own current cultural-political moment. We reached out to him for an interview, and it was so fascinating we called him back for a follow-up! In the first half, Patrick talks to Robin about geopolitics, architecture, slaves, distribution of wealth, and more; in the second half, JM focuses on why Dr. Bunce thinks Luv is the most fascinating character in the whole film.

Be sure to read Dr. Bunce's article, and let us know your thoughts! We look forward to having him back on the show.

If you'd like to purchase Owen Hatherley's A New Kind of Bleak (referenced in the first half), you can find it here.

15 // A Dangerous Day: Interviewing Director Charles de Lauzirika: The Man Behind The Final Cut

JM brings you an exclusive interview with Charles de Lauzirika, the director behind Blade Runner: The Final Cut, and director of Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner. Charles spends a good amount of time, discussing his love for Blade Runner, and his involvement with the restoration of what is now widely known as Ridley Scott's definitive edit of his 1982 masterpiece, Blade Runner. It's important to note that without Charles, there would be no Final Cut. We talk about all of that and more. Please join us for a listen. 

72 // Tales Of the Body Thief: Interviewing Director Charles de Lauzirika

I've been attempting to track down Charles de Lauzirika for many many years. Charles is an award winning film director, and one of very few people who have been privy to the innerworkings of the worlds that legendary film director Ridley Scott has created over the course of several decades. After what felt like the impossible, Charles kindly granted Perfect Organism an interview. I am honored and pleased to share that conversation with you now.


14 // Building a Physical World: The Miniature Team of Blade Runner: 2049

In this exclusive interview episode, Jaime sits down with the minature artists behind Blade Runner: 2049: Weta Workshop's Steven Saunders, Chris Menges, and Joaquin Loyzaga. Learn the secrets behind expansive worlds like the Trash Mesa, and that incredible and amazing cityscape we have loved since our affair with the original film. This conversation was informative and surreal. Thanks to Steven, Chris and Joaquin for their time and efforts, and lifting the veil for all of us fans.

13 // We Shall Storm Eden and Retake Her: Listener Feedback

Patrick and Jaime discuss listener letters and voicemails from the past few episodes. The topic of Joi comes up again, as the character continues to be a source of fascination and controversy. Thank you to everyone who called and wrote us. This podcast means so much to us, and it's wonderful to hear that it means so much to you.

71 // Defending Alien: covenant (part 2)

In what is our longest show ever, clocking in at over 2.5 hours, JM, Ryan, and Patrick are joined by our roundtable hosts Mykal and Dave, and special guest Clara Fei-Fei. This is a really special episode as we talk to Clara about her entry into the world of Alien, her first memories, favorite scenes, and her opinion on Alien: Covenant. This episode is a second chapter in an ongoing and heated discussion over Alien: Covenant, and Ridley Scott's latest comments that have proven incredibly divisive among the fans. The last hour of the show, Ryan, Patrick and JM read our user feedback and comments. Enjoy!

70 // Has the Beast Run Out?

JM and Patrick sit down for an impromptu discussion surrounding Ridley Scott's latest comments that the alien has run its course. These words have sent a shockwave through a VERY fractured and broken fandom, leaving many of us enraged, and scratching our heads. Patrick and JM upack this revelation. Let us know your opinion! 

12 // The Controversy of Blade Runner 2049

In what is our longest episode yet, clocking in at around two hours, Jaime and Patrick are joined by Micah Greene, fan of Blade Runner, and coincidentally, Patrick's spouse and partner. Hold on to your hats, this episode is intense, as Jaime, Patrick and Micah breakdown the role and portrayal of women in Blade Runner 2049, while briefly discussing the visibility of people of color. The best science fiction asks hard questions, it shows us a mirror of ourselves, pushing us to explore, understand more. This is exactly what this amazing conversation turns into. We hope you enjoy. 

11 // Home Again, Home Again: 2049 Spoiler Roundtable Part 2

It's been a few weeks since Blade Runner 2049 had its wide theatrical release, and the reverberations of this amazing film have been felt in all corners of Blade Runner fandom. JMRyan, and Patrick decided it was time to gather together for another freewheeling roundtable discussion episode to unpack what's on our minds.

What are the images, ideas, sound cues, etc. we can't stop thinking about? What are fans delving into on social media? How has our relationship with this film and its characters changed as we've seen it again and again over the past month?

And as you're listening, think about what you'd like to contribute to our show! We want to get your thoughts. Your reviews. Your ideas. Your arguments. We want to feature your voice on Shoulder of Orion. So call our voice message number at (213) 787-7894 this week, and we'll feature your call on an upcoming episode!

Ep. 69: Ghosts of Arceon: Tales from a Wooden World (In Defense of Alien 3: Part 5)

In this in-depth episode, Patrick sets out to create the definitive account of his favorite unfilmed script: Vincent Ward and John Fasano's legendary Alien III, set on the wood-paneled planetoid of Arceon.

You'll hear firsthand accounts by some of the creative forces behind this fascinating story, as well as extensive analysis of what might've worked, what might've flopped, and what ultimately survived into David Fincher's film. You'll also get the full background on how Ward was brought into the picture, where his unique ideas might've come from, and why he was ultimately ejected from the project.

Patrick also goes through the script in detail, providing his own dramatic synopsis alongside tightly integrated music cues—hopefully giving some sense of what it might've felt like to watch the film, had it been made.

NB: If you'd like to read the script while you listen, you can get it here for free!

Episode Ten: Exclusive Behind the Scenes Info of Blade Runner 2049

In this episode, Patrick, Ryan, and Jaime each take a segment to discuss portions from behind the scenes of Blade Runner 2049 starting with a small breakdown of the music, as hosted by Patrick, followed by a behind the scenes interview of 2049 with director Denis Villeneuve as conducted by The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson, broken down by Ryan. In the last segment, Jaime interviewes Matt Hemenway about a special Q&A event held at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas, featuring Sean Young (MAJOR SPOILER ALERT). We hope you enjoy.

Episode 67: In Defense of Alien 3: Gibson's New Nightmare

In this minisode—the first in a series of three—Ryan tackles the horrifying, fascinating script written by legendary sci-fi figure William Gibson all the way back in 1987. Gibson's script, which he titled Alien III, explodes with innovative ideas, memorable characters, and high-budget setpieces.

Although it was never filmed (and indeed was followed by nearly a dozen subsequent script rewrites), Gibson's ghostly story has influenced subsequent Alien Saga films in some very real and noticeable ways—perhaps none more so than Alien: Covenant.

Before we got Alien 3, we nearly had Alien III.

This is its story.

Episode 9: A Spoiler Reaction to Blade Runner 2049

In this episode, Jaime and Patrick are joined by Peter Haight, an original co-founder of Perfect Organism: The Alien Saga Podcast. Peter is a huge fan of the Blade Runner universe and sits down to discuss specific details from the film. This was our first attempt to lightly unpack much of what we saw in 2049. If you're cool with spoilers, give this a listen. You won't be disappointed. 

Episode 7: Blush Response

This is a very special episode, as Patrick, Ryan, and Jaime talk about what Blade Runner means to them. Blade Runner isn't your ordinary science fiction film, it's a very personal journey for all who adore the film. We are in a very special time, awaiting what we hope to be an incredible follow up film, as it releases tonight around the world. Join us as we ruminate about the spell only Blade Runner can cast. 

Episode 66: In Defense of Alien 3: Development Hell

At long last, Jaime and Patrick sit down and discuss an overview of the development hell that was the birthing and gestation process for Alien 3. This epsiode is the jumping off point for three separate mini-episodes that will release in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience as we have been on hiatus for a short while. We are back, with so much in store. As always, thank you for listening and supporting us.

Episode 6: Burning With the Fires of Orc

Ryan, Patrick and Jaime sit down together (at last) to talk about "Black Out," the third and final installment in the short in-universe Blade Runner films before the release of 2049. We go on to discuss the first impressions of 2049 as posted on Twitter, and a substantial and spoiler-free rundown of the film, as posted by a Reddit user. This was an exciting episode. Thank you all for listening. 

Episode 5: Break the World

In this episode, Patrick and Jaime discuss the featured piece by Wired Magazine which is, thus far, the most in-depth article surrounding the making of Blade Runner 2049. The second segment of the show details an interview that Denis Villeneuve conducted with the press in Moscow. Some very interesting things are mentioned. Kick back and enjoy as we discuss these things and so much more.

Episode 4: Indulge Me

In this episode, Patrick and Jaime discuss the latest short film, Nowhere to Run, featuring Dave Bautista as Sapper. We continue to discuss the news of Hans Zimmer taking over as composer for Blade Runner 2049, and what that could mean for the score. Last but not least, we discuss the revelation that Sean Young quietly filmed for three days to reprise her role as Rachael. All this, and so much more. Enjoy!