119 // Perfect Organism Reviews Memory: The Origins of Alien


In this special review episode, Jaime and Patrick review Alexandre O. Philippe's recently released (and long-awaited) documentary on Alien. It's an in-depth discussion, so we recommend you watch the film before listening to this episode.

Do you agree with our thoughts? Did you see the film differently? Let us know over on Building Better Worlds!

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65 // Photographing A Miracle: Interviewing Blade Runner 2049 VFX Coordinator Michael Legato


In this episode Shoulder of Orion commemorates the two year anniversary of the release of Blade Runner 2049. Founder and host Jaime Prater and special guest host Inge Kolstad sit down to interview Michael Legato a VFX coordinator on the film. At the heart of our discussion are the over two hundred images that Legato released on social media from his time on set. From stories about going out with Sean Young in drag, to a mysterious dream sequence with horses, Michael talks intimately about what it was like being in the trenches of Denis Villenueve's masterpiece Blade Runner 2049.

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64 // Time Enough: Remembering Roy Batty Part Two (A 700 Layer Cake Part 13)


In part two of our tribute to Roy Batty, Jaime, Micah and Patrick conclude the emotionally fraught conversation from part one. Included in this episode are some of the words and voices of so many of you who took time out of your day to write in and leave us voice messages. We'd like to thank all of our listeners for making this podcast so special and rewarding. We all felt Rutger Hauer's passing deeply. Thank you for sharing in that loss while celebrating a character and a man that will never be forgotten.

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118 // Nuke the Site From Orbit: Unpopular Alien Saga Opinions


In this wild, hilarious roundtable discussion, Jaime and Patrick are joined by frequent guest Dave (xenomorphing.com) and returning guest Michael (michaelscudieri.com) as the gang discusses unpopular Alien Saga opinions—their own, and some of the dozens (hundreds?) shared on a recent Building Better Worlds thread.

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63 // What I’ve Seen With Your Eyes: Remembering Roy Batty Part One (A 700 Layer Cake Part 12)

Screen Shot 2019-09-17 at 12.30.00 PM.png

In this heart-felt episode, Jaime, Dan, Patrick and special contributor Micah Greene gather round to remember the character of Roy Batty, his resonance in our lives and in the genre of science fiction. This is a very special episode for everyone involved and we hope it is for you as well. Stay tuned for part two of this discussion.

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117 // The Music of Our Fear: Jerry Goldsmith and the Impossible Score (The Forbidden Planet Part 6)


Jerry Goldsmith's remarkable score for Alien is an achievement for the ages—but why? What makes it so beautifully suited to this film? Why was Goldsmith—who wasn't Scott's first choice—the only composer who could've pulled this masterpiece off?

In this extraordinarily deep dive, Jaime and Patrick look at Goldsmith's life, career, and musical style. And using Patrick's background as a professional composer—and Jaime's encyclopedic knowledge of film scores—they analyze the score on a deeply technical level, too.

This was one of the most enjoyable recording sessions to date. We hope you enjoy the ride as much as we did!

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116 // A Nightmare, Revisted: Signs of Life


Join us as we take a brief hiatus from our Forbidden Planet series to talk current events! A recent short film, which you can see here, has given us another glimpse into David's lab—and presented some fascinating implications for Alien canon. In this catch-up episode, Jaime and Patrick are joined by the always wonderful MUTHUR9000 (yutani.studio) to talk about this short film, current events in the Expanded Universe, and much more!

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61 // Remembering Rutger: A Conversation with Paul Sammon (A 700 Layer Cake Part 11)


With the sudden passing of the beloved Rutger Hauer, we decided it was important to commemorate his life and work, and of course the iconic characters he has portrayed in his acting career. Friend of the show and film historian Paul Sammon joins Dan, Patrick, and Jaime to reminisce on the life of the iconic actor. It's been a sad time for all of us fans, but we hope to spread some of Rutger's positive spirit with you and celebrate his life.

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60 // A Memory of Past and Future: Exploring Vangelis (A 700 Layer Cake Part 10)


“Music is the most multi-dimensional knowledge we have. It's as specific as nature can be. Any form nature takes contains a specific sound combination. Music is a language. It's a memory of the cosmic system, a memory of past and future. Above all it's science not entertainment.” 

― Vangelis

Join Jaime, Patrick and Dan for an exploration of the man behind the sound of Blade Runner. From his days as a child, through his Academy Award Winning score for Chariots of Fire, the hosts of Shoulder of Orion leave no stone unturned. 

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59 // A Belly Full of Killing: Discussing the Theatrical Cut Part 2 (A 700 Layer Cake Part 9)


It was clear from our first deep-dive into the Theatrical Cut that one episode wasn't going to be enough to cover it. In Part 2, Jaime and Patrick are joined by frequent guest Peter and first-time guest Steve for an extended, wide-ranging investigation into Blade Runner as it first greeted the world at large in 1982.

This time around, the team spends a great deal of time looking at historical context—not just the history of the film, but the history of ourselves. Steve, a film/TV professional who fell in love with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in the sixties and saw Blade Runner in the theater, shares his unique perspective with us. We also take time exploring initial critical reactions to the film—and end up finding some kindred spirits in small-market newspapers nearly forty years ago.

The journey of Blade Runner is a crazy, quixotic, beautiful mess. We are so lucky to explore it with all of you.

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114 // I Don't Ever Blink: Ridley Scott and the Nature of Genius (The Forbidden Planet: Part 4)


As we continue our year-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of Alien, we've finally arrived at the man behind the camera: Sir Ridley Scott.

To say Scott was a bizarre choice to helm Alien would be putting it mildly. Virtually unknown outside of commercials and television—with just one feature film (an epic about Napoleonic War-era swordplay) to his name—Scott ended up being an almost impossibly good pick to direct this groundbreaking movie.

Jaime and Patrick explore Scott's roots—his youth in northern England, his years coming out of art school, his work for the BBC—and discuss how those life experiences helped shape him into the perfect director for one of the great films ever made. They also talk about the shoot itself, and how Scott's idiosyncrasies worked in his favor as he overcame the limitations of the studio system to craft a blockbuster that felt like an art film.

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58 // Spoiler-free Review: Blade Runner 2019 #1

 Blade Runner 2019 Comic
Photo credit: Titan Comics

We're so excited to bring you a first look at Titan Comic's inaugural issue of Blade Runner 2019! In this spoiler-free minisode, Dan, Jaime, and Patrick discuss the first issue of this groundbreaking series. Does it feel like Blade Runner? Are these characters worth getting excited about? Does it feel like the canon sequel it is? 

Listen for the full scoop—and for details on how you can score a limited-run signed variant cover signed by co-writer Mike Johnson. To read our full written review, visit http://bit.ly/2YMGREO.

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57 // They Don't Advertise For Killers: Discussing the Theatrical Cut (A 700 Layer Cake Part 8)

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 10.17.23 AM.png

In this part one of two, Daniele, Patrick, and Jaime reconvene to discuss the theatrical cut of Blade Runner, the controversy surrounding its narration, and the effect the initial release of the film had on its audience in 1982. This episode is a bit of a return to form for the show. We hope you enjoy.

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113 // The Fantastic Dark: HR Giger and the Poetics of Fear (The Forbidden Planet: Part 3)


It's impossible to overstate just how revolutionary—and how brilliant—HR Giger's work on Alien was. But why? Why does his work continue to enthrall and haunt us? Why has it gone on to define the look of "horror in space" for the past four decades?

On this next installment into our Forbidden Planet series, hosts JM Prater and Patrick Greene welcome a special guest: Majid Shanaa, longtime listener and eloquent xeno-fan. Join the guys as they explore Giger's life, art, and his endlessly fascinating influence on us all.

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56 // A Dark Future: Shoulder of Orion Interviews Director Charles de Lauzirika (A 700 Layer Cake Part 7)

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 5.24.42 PM.png

In this episode, documentarian, filmmaker and producer Charles de Lauzirika returns to the show for an interview with Jaime, Patrick and Dan. Dive into the details of the production of Blade Runner: The Final Cut, the documentary Dangerous Days, the deleted and alternate scenes of the film, and more!
Charles' passion for cinema and film-making shines through in another exclusive interview where together we explore Blade Runner and other films that inspire us all!

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112 // A Two Year Alien Covenant Anniversary Roundtable


In this episode, Jaime and Patrick are joined by special guests Aaron Percival of AvP Galaxy, Clara Fei Fei (MUTHUR9000), and Perfect Organism team members Conar and Sean to discuss how Alien: Covenant is sitting with all of us two years after its release. This was a wonderful hour-and-a-half discussion diving back into a film that continues to be controversial with the fan base.

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55 // All My Friends Are Toys: Shoulder of Orion Interviews William Sanderson (A 700 Layer Cake Part 6)


The mysterious "toymaker" J.F. Sebastian is an iconic part of Blade Runner history—and the man behind the character is just as fascinating. In this interview, beloved character actor William Sanderson sits down with Dan and Patrick to discuss his journey to Hollywood, his experience working with Ridley Scott, and his recent memoir (which you can purchase here, on Amazon).

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54 // CitySpeak: The Origins of Blade Runner Fandom (A 700 Layer Cake Part 5)


In this episode, Dan and Jaime discuss the origins of the Blade Runner fandom. From the first unofficial fanzine, Cityspeak, started by Sarah Campbell, to Blade Zone and more, this episode features the thoughts and voices of figures who have been around since the beginning.

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