CLARA FEI-FEI (Special Contributor, Perfect Organism), also known as MUTHUR9000, has been a lifelong fan of Alien. Her page is dedicated to intertextual analysis of Alien, AI, Robotics and Sci-fi as well as exploring real world applications of technology from Science fiction. She is information-hungry and always willing to expand her knowledge.

In her spare time she enjoys going to the National Gallery of Victoria, walking around Melbourne city and hanging out with her two kids and very understanding husband who accepts her obsession.

She is also a qualified Jeweller and Designer for her fashion label Victoria's Kingdom.


DAN FERLITO (Host, Shoulder of Orion) has been obsessed with Blade Runner ever since he was introduced to the film by his father when he was young. Since then, he has always fostered a nerdy passion for his favorite film but never knew what to do with it...until he discovered the Shoulder of Orion podcast and called in to comment. Since that moment he developed a friendship with the SoO team and was invited to be a host on the show.

The mix of philosophy, science fiction, and existentialism that the film explores lines right up with Dan's favorite things to talk about, and he couldn't be happier to be contributing to the Blade Runner universe!

Dan grew up in Italy and California, spent five years in the US Marines where he learned to work as an air traffic controller. He is currently a controller at San Francisco Tower.


MICAH GREENE (Contributing Host, Shoulder of Orion) has wanted to be Princess Leia since before she can remember. Growing up where family get-togethers almost always involved a viewing of the original Star Wars trilogy, sci-fi became a major influence in her life. Micah is attracted to the creative and daring storytelling in sci-fi films and literature that bring us to confront the most puzzling and challenging aspects of human nature.

Micah is a Nursing student with plans on becoming an RN, and has had a professional acting career for six years in Boston, MA. She is wife to Patrick, who has always inspired her to be curious and adventurous, and mother to Jude and Henry, their little space cadets. She is very proud to be a part of the Shoulder of Orion team.


PATRICK GREENE (Host, Perfect Organism and Shoulder of Orion) fell in love with the Kenner Gorilla Alien as a seven-year-old and hasn't looked back since. He believes in the transformative power of science fiction as a tool for allegory and reflection, and he believes the original Alien film is one of the few truly perfect films ever made. He's also a lifelong Blade Runner nut, and is thrilled to have excuses to talk about his two favorite film franchises on a regular basis.

Outside of podcasting, Patrick is an award-winning composer. He's also a dad, and currently in the process of introducing his two young sons to the sci-fi universes he's loved since childhood. His wife, Micah, is a Contributing Host on Shoulder of Orion; she co-stars with Patrick on JM Prater's Alien: Proximity. For more on Patrick and his music, please visit


INGE KOLSTAD (Social Media Lead, Shoulder of Orion and Perfect Organism) has grown up in Oslo, Norway his whole life, and has since moved more out to the countryside (just outside of Oslo). He is happily married with a wife,son and a dog. He has been a movie fan as far back as he remember. His love for Blade Runner started in a local video store when he saw the cover for Blade Runner with a super cool looking Harrison Ford on the cover holding a gun by his face. Became a massive Blade Runner fan at a young age and never looked back. It was pure love. He also has a deep love for movie posters, fan art and movie stills.


CONAR MURDOCH (Contributing Host/Listener Engagement Lead) was born and raised in Scotland. He was introduced to the franchise by his father when he screened Aliens for him at the age of six, and ever since then the beast has infected his psyche to the point of wonder. Further reinforced by the cosmic horror of the original and the gritty, nihilistic beauty of Alien 3. He an avid gamer and is still terrified to this day of Alien Isolation. Outside of leading the charge on Building Better Worlds Conar is the author of the fan fiction novel Aliens: Home and the accompanying short story series Aliens: Tales of the Fall. He currently resides in the city of Perth with his fiancée Michelle and works in the Retail industry.


JM PRATER (Founder and Host, Perfect Organism and Shoulder of Orion) is a native of Chicago, Illinois. Studying film and video at Columbia College Chicago, JM (Jaime) has been a rabid fan of film and science fiction all of his life. A published author and filmmaker, JM started Perfect Organism Podcast out of a need for a solely Alien podcast, devoted to the fan community. Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Podcast was formed from a similar need.

JM now resides in Los Angeles, California where he co-operates Perfect Organism Podcast and Shoulder of Orion with his partner in crime, Patrick Greene.