PERFECT ORGANISM: THE ALIEN SAGA PODCAST was founded in 2015 by JM Prater after the announcement of Neil Blomkamp's Alien 5 going into pre-production at 20th Century Fox. JM saw the need for an exclusive Alien saga podcast to share his love for the series, discuss numerous Alien-related topics, and keep fans updated on the latest news about the franchise. JM also started Facebook and Instagram pages so that fans could come together as a community online and discuss all things Alien.

After some personnel changes and additions over the last year, the Perfect Organism team saw the need to expand even more and introduced a new show: SHOULDER OF ORION: THE BLADE RUNNER PODCAST, in August 2017. Shoulder of Orion—the only exclusive Blade Runner podcast—first aired an episode just months before the release of the hugely anticipated Blade Runner 2049, and in the months since has established itself as a hub for worldwide Blade Runner fandom. 

Perfect Organism seeks to be the premiere fan community resource for all things related to the Alien and Blade Runner franchises.