91 // Dark Silver: The Shoot (Reengaging Resurrection: Part 4)

The set is lit, the cameras are rolling, and we are ready to dive into part four of our ongoing miniseries on Alien Resurrection. In this episode, Hosts JM and Patrick are joined by Contributing Host Mike and Special Contributor Clara (MUTHUR9000). Join us as we dive into the complicated story behind the on-set production of this crazy film.

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89 // Scripting the Resurrection (Reengaging Resurrection: Part 3)

In part three of our Reengaging Resurrection series, JMPatrick, and special guest Conar Murdoch discuss the scripting stages of Alien Resurrection, while outlining three key scenes and how they went from script to screen.

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88 // Development (Reengaging Resurrection: Part 2)

Our ongoing miniseries investigation into Alien: Resurrection continues with this spirited discussion on the origins of the film. JMPatrick, and Mike (our new recruit!) explore the complicated early stages of Resurrection's development, using firsthand accounts and script excerpts to uncover what was really going on behind the scenes.

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78 // Raunchy Resurrection Roundtable (Reengaging Resurrection: Part 1)

It's easy to write off Alien Resurrection as the black sheep of the Alien Saga. Whether you love it or you hate it—or both at the same time—you can't deny there's a lot to talk about.

In this riotous roundtable, RyanPatrickClara, and Dave revisit this crazy film and try to figure out what works and what doesn't. Along the way, they deal with some pretty deep questions: Is Dave's dad a prophet? Was Michael Wincott the inspiration for Christian Bale's Batman voice? How much K-Y Jelly is too much K-Y Jelly?

As we come closer to the end of our In Defense of Alien 3 series, we're excited to launch this new miniseries on Resurrection

Anyone up for some basketball?