83 // ALIEN: Supporting Characters

Contributing Host (and Xenomorphing.com blogger) Dave Gogel brought up the idea of discussing the supporting characters of each Alien film, beginning with AlienJM and Patrick sat down with Dave to begin what will be a series of long conversations about the lesser discussed characters in the Alien universe. It was a great time.

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27 // Interview with 2049 Sound Editor Mark Mangini

For more than four decades, Academy Award-winning sound editor Mark Mangini has worked with some of the biggest names in the business on some of the highest-profile projects of our time. With over one hundred twenty-five film credits to his name (including AladdinThe Fifth ElementMad Max: Fury Road, and Blade Runner 2049), Mangini’s sound work has become an indelible part of our moviegoing lives.

In this impassioned interview, Mangini takes Patrick and JM on a sonic field trip they’ll never forget. Along the way, they learn the backstories behind some of the most unforgettable moments in the film—and gain amazing firsthand insights into the spur-of-the-moment decisions that shaped the movie into the transcendent document it became.

It’s one of the best conversations we’ve ever had.

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80 // An ALIEN Commentary [ALIEN DAY 2018]

JM and Patrick sit down and share their first formal viewing of Ridley Scott's seminal film, ALIEN. This was a really wonderful couple of hours to spend together. We hope that this commentary is as special for all of you, as it was recording it. Pay no attention to the Covenant argument slash discussion that broke out. We couldn't help ourselves. You guys n' gals are amazing people. Without you, there would be no Perfect Organism Podcast.

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81 // Interview with Gabriel Hardman, creator of Aliens: Dust to Dust [ALIEN DAY 2018]

Gabriel Hardman has had quite the career. From storyboarding films like Inception and Interstellar to drawing Hulk for Marvel, Hardman has established himself as a uniquely gifted voice in visual storytelling. His newest release is a stunning miniseries just released by Dark Horse: Aliens: Dust to Dust. In this extended interview, Patrick and Gabriel go in-depth on the creative process, the nature of working with established intellectual properties, the evolution of the xenomorph's design, and lots more.

We hope you enjoy it, and we hope you're having wonderful Alien Days!

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79 // Review: ALIEN Offworld Colony Simulator [ALIEN DAY 2018]

I tried not to panic. I really tried.

I tried not to panic. I really tried.

Alien Day 2018 starts with a bang! And a feverish run down a corridor towards a door with a combination I can't figure out while being pursued by hissing creatures in the darkness ...

Fox granted us early access to this wonderful new RPG-style Alexa game. In this minisode, Patrick runs through the basics and shares some of his thoughts. 

To play the game yourself, swing over to alienuniverse.com right now!

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26 // Tech Spotlight: The Spinner

Few cinematic objects are as iconic—and as frequently copied—as the legendary spinner. In this episode (our first Tech Spotlight!), Dan and Patrick go in-depth on the beloved vehicle, delving into its astonishingly believable appearance in Blade Runner, its evolved design(s) in Blade Runner 2049, and beyond. And using Dan's background in air traffic control, they pick apart the actual flight sequence in Blade Runner in a level of detail you need to hear to believe.

25 // Say, 'Kiss Me'

In this nearly two hour episode, Dan, Patrick, and JM are joined by Micah Greene, our regular contributor, and special guests Evie and Clara. The topic at hand in this discussion is the love scene between Rachael and Deckard in 2019. This scene has proven to be highly controversial among our listeners and hosts. Please join us for this riveting conversation. Please remember to send us your feedback either via email, a voicemail, or a recorded memo. We would love to hear from you. 

78 // Raunchy Resurrection Roundtable (Reengaging Resurrection: Part 1)

It's easy to write off Alien Resurrection as the black sheep of the Alien Saga. Whether you love it or you hate it—or both at the same time—you can't deny there's a lot to talk about.

In this riotous roundtable, RyanPatrickClara, and Dave revisit this crazy film and try to figure out what works and what doesn't. Along the way, they deal with some pretty deep questions: Is Dave's dad a prophet? Was Michael Wincott the inspiration for Christian Bale's Batman voice? How much K-Y Jelly is too much K-Y Jelly?

As we come closer to the end of our In Defense of Alien 3 series, we're excited to launch this new miniseries on Resurrection

Anyone up for some basketball?

77 // The Alien 3 Script: Frankenstein's Beautiful Monster (In Defense of Alien 3: Part 6)

At long last, our In Defense of Alien 3 miniseries has arrived at the final shooting script for Alien 3—a strange, wild thing that somehow pulled itself through years of development hell and emerged a dark masterwork.

Ringing with the echoes of all the stories and creators that had come (and left) before, Giler and Hill’s final script is a crazy journey. In this episode, RyanJM, and Patrick come together to walk through the actual script as it appears on the page. Along the way, they analyze their favorite moments from the film and discuss why, in their opinions, Alien 3 deserves to be held up as an enduring masterpiece.

Proximity: Last Stand at Hadley's Hope (Complete Story)

Perfect Organism is proud to present a groundbreaking new audio drama set in the Alien universe. The culmination of nearly a year of work, Proximity is a character-driven glimpse into the nightmare that erupted in the Hadley's Hope colony on Acheron in June of 2179.

Written and directed by JM Prater, Proximity is the story of Anne (Micah Greene) and Aaron (Patrick Greene) Andrews, two young colonists trying to hold it together while the world around them falls apart. With immersive sound design, an orchestral score, and a talented cast of voice actors from around the world, Proximity is a love letter to the Alien Saga created by people who love it madly and truly.

This is for you. We hope you enjoy it.

CAST (in order of appearance)
Introduction: Richard 'Spanners' Ready of Missed Apex Podcast
Narrator: Kevin Kordis
Aaron Andrews: Patrick Greene
Anne Andrews: Micah Greene
Radio: JM Prater
Brad Lydecker: Bradford Eckhart
Woman on Transmission: JoAnne Greene
Child on Transmission: Jude Greene
Medlab Voices: Ryan Zeid
Radio Commercial: Ryan Zeid
Ooge: Mykal McCulloch
Robbie: Kevin Duffield

JM Prater and Patrick Greene

Patrick Greene (see patrickgreenemusic.com for full list of performers)

JM Prater

JM Prater

Based on original characters by Dan O'Bannon, Ron Shusett, and James Cameron

22 // Her Eyes Were Green: Interviewing Rachael 2049 Actor Loren Peta

For so many of us, Blade Runner 2049 continues to cast a spell. As we here at Shoulder of Orion move forward, we are committed to bringing you exclusive content which includes behind the scenes interviews with many of the filmmakers, actors and writers involved with the film. In this interview, JM had the pleasure of speaking with Loren Peta, the actor hired to play Rachael 2.0 on the set of Blade Runner 2049. Enjoy.

19 // An Angel Made Again: Rachael and the Legacy of Memory

In this episode, JM sits down to interview Richard Clegg, Visual Effects Supervisor for The Moving Picture Company—and recent Academy Award nominee for visual effects for Blade Runner 2049. Before that interview, JM, Patrick, and our new cohost, Dan, discuss the character of Rachael from 2019, and what it was like to see her again in 2049.

76 // Nerdgasm

After months of infighting, confusion, and generalized crankiness, the Alien fan community rejoiced as one this past week in the wake of two big announcements: a new video game and a new comic!

In this episode, RyanPatrickDave, and Mykal have an especially raucous roundtable discussion about the big news. Along the way, they go deep into their personal histories with in-universe video games—the good ones, the bad ones, the weird ones, the ones that got seized as evidence by the FBI when they were children, and much more.

It was great fun to record this episode; we hope it’s just as fun to listen to.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT // Philosophy and Blade Runner

To get your exclusive 20% discount: go to bit.ly/philosophyandbladerunner and enter PM18TWENTY at checkout. Offer expires February 20, 2018.

Palgrave Macmillan, publisher of Timothy Shanahan's amazing Philosophy and Blade Runner, have kindly arranged for our listeners to get an exclusive 20% discount off the cover price of the book (both the physical edition and the e-book). We want to make it as convenient as possible to get this book into your hands, as we've got some related episodes coming up and we would LOVE to have you call in and join the conversation!

We're also planning on launching a little book club around Philosophy and Blade Runner via Fields of Calantha (our Facebook discussion group). More details on that will come shortly.

The discount code will expire on February 20, 2018, so grab a copy ASAP and get ready to read together!