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59 // A Belly Full of Killing: Discussing the Theatrical Cut Part 2 (A 700 Layer Cake Part 9)


It was clear from our first deep-dive into the Theatrical Cut that one episode wasn't going to be enough to cover it. In Part 2, Jaime and Patrick are joined by frequent guest Peter and first-time guest Steve for an extended, wide-ranging investigation into Blade Runner as it first greeted the world at large in 1982.

This time around, the team spends a great deal of time looking at historical context—not just the history of the film, but the history of ourselves. Steve, a film/TV professional who fell in love with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in the sixties and saw Blade Runner in the theater, shares his unique perspective with us. We also take time exploring initial critical reactions to the film—and end up finding some kindred spirits in small-market newspapers nearly forty years ago.

The journey of Blade Runner is a crazy, quixotic, beautiful mess. We are so lucky to explore it with all of you.

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58 // Spoiler-free Review: Blade Runner 2019 #1

 Blade Runner 2019 Comic
Photo credit: Titan Comics

We're so excited to bring you a first look at Titan Comic's inaugural issue of Blade Runner 2019! In this spoiler-free minisode, Dan, Jaime, and Patrick discuss the first issue of this groundbreaking series. Does it feel like Blade Runner? Are these characters worth getting excited about? Does it feel like the canon sequel it is? 

Listen for the full scoop—and for details on how you can score a limited-run signed variant cover signed by co-writer Mike Johnson. To read our full written review, visit

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55 // All My Friends Are Toys: Shoulder of Orion Interviews William Sanderson (A 700 Layer Cake Part 6)


The mysterious "toymaker" J.F. Sebastian is an iconic part of Blade Runner history—and the man behind the character is just as fascinating. In this interview, beloved character actor William Sanderson sits down with Dan and Patrick to discuss his journey to Hollywood, his experience working with Ridley Scott, and his recent memoir (which you can purchase here, on Amazon).

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51 // Everything You Need to Know About the Blade Runner 2019 Comics (minisode)


In this minisode, Patrick talks with David Leach, Senior Creative Editor at Titan Comics. David is overseeing the creation of the upcoming Blade Runner 2019 comic series; he was kind enough to give us TONS of new details and information you won't find anywhere else.

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49 // Everything Is True: Philip K. Dick and the Birth of a Universe (A 700 Layer Cake: Part 1)

Welcome to the first installment of our first-ever Shoulder of Orion miniseries: A 700 Layer Cake: The Cult of Blade Runner! Since we'll be spending a great deal of time over the coming months focusing on the first Blade Runner film, we thought it fitting to go back to the very beginning: Philip K. Dick's seminal Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Before there was a global fan community—before there were films, before there were digital paintings and tribute albums and comic books and computer games and fan conventions—there was a little book by a brilliant, troubled man.

Our story—the story of this very podcast—begins with that novel. 

Let's start from the beginning.

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42 // Anywhere a Good Boy Might Go? Luv: Part 2

In this episode—part two of a series on Luv—Jaime sits down for discussion with guests Ricardo Silvestre and Iain Souter. From Luv being God’s angel of death, to whether or not she’s fragile, Iain, Ricardo, and Jaime spend an hour and a half diving into this incredible character.

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41 // The Cyberpunk Nexus: An Interview with Author and Editor Lou Tambone

In this episode, Patrick, Dan, and Jaime sit down to speak with author Lou Tambone to discuss his latest collaborative book, The Cyberpunk Nexus: Exploring The Blade Runner Universe.

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40 // Happy Birthday: Celebrating Blade Runner 2049

Patrick, Dan and Jaime convene to celebrate the first year of Blade Runner 2049. From their memories of that first screening, and what the film means, to its complete embrace by fandom, the team at Shoulder of Orion raises its glass to what can be only be described as a miracle: Blade Runner 2049, released October 6th, 2017.

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39 // I Think, Sebastian, Therefore I Am: A Conversation on Philosophy and Blade Runner: Part Two

In the second of two episodes, JM and Dan sit down with Dr. Timothy Shanahan, Professor of Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University. This episode is the conclusion of an in-depth and gratifying discussion which covers philosophy and Blade Runner 2049. Enjoy.

Here is a link to the book, also available on Amazon etc:

For more info on Timothy Shanahan and his other writings:

The Pacific Standard interview on Blade Runner 2049:

Like Stories of Old: In Search of the Distinctively Human

Plato's "Allegory of the Cave", explained

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38 // I Think, Sebastian, Therefore I Am: A Conversation on Philosophy and Blade Runner (Part One)

In the first of two episodes, JM and Dan sit down with Dr. Timothy Shanahan, Professor of Philosophy at Loyola Marymount University. From Descartes to Deckard, Nietzsche to Batty, the discussion explores Tim's book Philosophy and Blade Runner as together they shed old light on new problems and new light on old problems.

Here is a link to the book, also available on Amazon etc:

For more info on Timothy Shanahan and his other writings:

The Pacific Standard interview on Blade Runner 2049:

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37 // Uncharted Territory

In another exclusive interview, Dan sits down with Territory Studio Creative Lead Peter Eszenyi, who created the screen effects for some of the most memorable scenes in Blade Runner 2049. From the spinner displays, to the Denabase, to the beautiful bone scan sequence in the morgue, Peter gets into great detail on the direction his team received from Denis Villeneuve himself and how they were able to incorporate abstract concepts into beautiful, iconic screens that the actors could interact with on set during filming. Join us in another deep dive into the beautiful visuals of the film and the artists behind them.

For screenshots and videos from Territory's work in 2049, visit:

Peter's portfolio and other works:

More info on Territory's work on 2049:

MAXON's Cinema 4D press release:

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36 // The Best One: Luv

If there’s one character who crystalizes the beautiful ambivalence that defines Blade Runner 2049, it’s Luv. In this sprawling roundtable, DanPatrickMicah, and returning guest Dr. Robin Bunce dive headfirst into the mysteries surrounding this fascinating character. Stay tuned at the end for some insightful guest commentary from Iain Souter

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35 // Shoulder of Orion: A One Year Anniversary

We have come upon the one year anniversary of Shoulder of Orion: The Blade Runner Podcast. What a year it's been. In this mini episode Jaime, Patrick, and Dan discuss their first year, and how incredible the journey has been so far.

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33 // A Future Noir: Interviewing Author and Film Historian Paul M. Sammon

On this episode of Shoulder of Orion, Jaime and Dan sit down with film historian Paul M. Sammon to discuss his life and his storied history with Blade Runner. Along the way, they also discuss the newly released edition of his legendary book: Future Noir: The Making of Blade Runner.

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32 // Finding Deckard

It's no accident that it has taken the Blade Runner podcast nearly a year to release a Deckard episode: he's one of the most complex, nuanced characters in a saga full of complexity and nuance, and he's surprisingly hard to talk about. In this deeply personal episode, JMDan, and Patrick take the conversation far beyond the typical is-he-or-isn't-he-a-replicant argument and discuss the full arc of this complicated character, from his roots in Philip K. Dick's novel to the sublime moment in 2049 when he meets his child for the first time.

We also look to our social media group (Fields of Calantha) for inspiration, sharing some personal reflections on Deckard from listeners.

It might've taken us a year to get to this moment, but we feel like the resultant conversation was worth it. We brought our all to this one. 

We hope you enjoy it.

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31 // Joi: Everything You Want to Hear

Joi, as played by Ana de Armas, continues to be one of the most discussed characters from Blade Runner 2049. In our ongoing conversations, Shoulder of Orion hosts: DanPatrickJM, and contributing host Micah invite Dr. Robin Bunce back on to speak on Joi's role in 2049 and her humanity (or lack thereof) within the story. Rounding out the symposium panel is special guest Barbara Schmuker, a first-time guest on the show, and yet another important voice in the fandom. Please join us for this exciting/long-awaited/often requested episode.

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30 // Building the Spinner: An Interview With Peter Tindall

We recently delved into the history and design of the iconic Spinner on our first-ever Tech Spotlight (see episode 26); now, with this exclusive interview, we're taking things even deeper. JM recently had the opportunity to chat with Peter Tindall—one of the artists responsible for bringing the Spinners of 2049 to life.

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28 // A Good Joe: Exploring Officer KD6-3.7

On this episode, hosts Dan, Patrick, and JM sit down with contributing host Micah Greene and special guest Peter (from the midwest) to discuss Officer K. 

Peter surprised us all by starting out the conversation with a simple question, but an important one. We hope that you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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27 // Interview with 2049 Sound Editor Mark Mangini

For more than four decades, Academy Award-winning sound editor Mark Mangini has worked with some of the biggest names in the business on some of the highest-profile projects of our time. With over one hundred twenty-five film credits to his name (including AladdinThe Fifth ElementMad Max: Fury Road, and Blade Runner 2049), Mangini’s sound work has become an indelible part of our moviegoing lives.

In this impassioned interview, Mangini takes Patrick and JM on a sonic field trip they’ll never forget. Along the way, they learn the backstories behind some of the most unforgettable moments in the film—and gain amazing firsthand insights into the spur-of-the-moment decisions that shaped the movie into the transcendent document it became.

It’s one of the best conversations we’ve ever had.

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