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82 // Alien: Proximity (with Alien Day Featurette) [ALIEN DAY 2018]

As we come to close of Alien Day 2018, we'd like to present this re-release of Alien: Proximity with a new audio featurette we've produced just for this occasion. To hear the long, crazy story behind this project, please visit


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Perfect Organism is proud to present a groundbreaking new audio drama set in the Alien universe. The culmination of nearly a year of work, Alien: Proximity is a character-driven glimpse into the nightmare that erupted in the Hadley's Hope colony on Acheron in June of 2179.

Written and directed by JM Prater, Alien: Proximity is the story of Anne (Micah Greene) and Aaron (Patrick Greene) Andrews, two young colonists trying to hold it together while the world around them falls apart. With immersive sound design, an orchestral score, and a talented cast of voice actors from around the world, Alien: Proximity is a love letter to the Alien Saga created by people who love it madly and truly.

This is for you. We hope you enjoy it.

CAST (in order of appearance)
Introduction: Richard 'Spanners' Ready of Missed Apex Podcast
Narrator: Kevin Kordis
Aaron Andrews: Patrick Greene
Anne Andrews: Micah Greene
Radio: JM Prater
Brad Lydecker: Bradford Eckhart
Woman on Transmission: JoAnne Greene
Child on Transmission: Jude Greene
Medlab Voices: Ryan Zeid
Radio Commercial: Ryan Zeid
Ooge: Mykal McCulloch
Robbie: Kevin Duffield

JM Prater and Patrick Greene

Patrick Greene (see for full list of performers)

JM Prater

JM Prater

Based on original characters by Dan O'Bannon, Ron Shusett, and James Cameron

80 // An ALIEN Commentary [ALIEN DAY 2018]

JM and Patrick sit down and share their first formal viewing of Ridley Scott's seminal film, ALIEN. This was a really wonderful couple of hours to spend together. We hope that this commentary is as special for all of you, as it was recording it. Pay no attention to the Covenant argument slash discussion that broke out. We couldn't help ourselves. You guys n' gals are amazing people. Without you, there would be no Perfect Organism Podcast.

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[ALIEN DAY 2018] ALIEN Offworld Colony Simulator

I tried not to panic. I really tried.

I tried not to panic. I really tried.

Alien Day 2018 starts with a bang! And a feverish run down a corridor towards a door with a combination I can't figure out while being pursued by hissing creatures in the darkness ...

Fox granted us early access to this wonderful new RPG-style Alexa game. In this minisode, Patrick runs through the basics and shares some of his thoughts. 

To play the game yourself, swing over to right now!

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