Nostalgia alert: the Alien 3 Pixel Art Funko Pop! is officially available


We first saw a preview of this adorable guy last month; now, at long last, we can blow some money on it.

For many of us, the Genesis/SNES-era Alien 3 game was a formative Alien experience. Combining addictive platforming action with some badass art and music, Probe Software's game was eventually ported to everything from the Commodore 64 to the Game Boy.

Now, this 16-bit stalwart is gracing the seemingly infinite Funko Pop! vinyl line with its presence. Technically a repaint of the (also very cool) "8-bit" xenomorph, this Alien 3 version contains the same tricolor scheme we saw on that similarly awesome NECA runner variant from a few years back. 

It's only available through Entertainment Earth, so pick one up while you can!