Check out (and preorder) this insanely beautiful Big Chap ring!


PSYCHO MONSTERZ is a wonderful repository of weird and beautiful collectibles, and this latest piece (developed in collaboration with JAP, INC; crafted by TORCH TORCH; sculpted by Wataru Mishima; and distributed through the ever awesome Sideshow Collectibles) is a true work of art.

Measuring just under two inches in length, the xenomorph's head sculpt is deeply faithful to Giger's original. And unlike some of those "other" Alien jewelry pieces we've all wasted money on through the years, this one's cast in actual silver and is heirloom quality.


Preorders are open now, and the rings will be shipping later this year. They cost $475, which is quite reasonable considering the build quality and detailed sculpt.

If you pick one up, send us some photos when they arrive!