42 // Anywhere a Good Boy Might Go? Luv: Part 2

In this episode—part two of a series on Luv—Jaime sits down for discussion with guests Ricardo Silvestre and Iain Souter. From Luv being God’s angel of death, to whether or not she’s fragile, Iain, Ricardo, and Jaime spend an hour and a half diving into this incredible character.

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40 // Happy Birthday: Celebrating Blade Runner 2049

Patrick, Dan and Jaime convene to celebrate the first year of Blade Runner 2049. From their memories of that first screening, and what the film means, to its complete embrace by fandom, the team at Shoulder of Orion raises its glass to what can be only be described as a miracle: Blade Runner 2049, released October 6th, 2017.

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30 // Building the Spinner: An Interview With Peter Tindall

We recently delved into the history and design of the iconic Spinner on our first-ever Tech Spotlight (see episode 26); now, with this exclusive interview, we're taking things even deeper. JM recently had the opportunity to chat with Peter Tindall—one of the artists responsible for bringing the Spinners of 2049 to life.

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27 // Interview with 2049 Sound Editor Mark Mangini

For more than four decades, Academy Award-winning sound editor Mark Mangini has worked with some of the biggest names in the business on some of the highest-profile projects of our time. With over one hundred twenty-five film credits to his name (including AladdinThe Fifth ElementMad Max: Fury Road, and Blade Runner 2049), Mangini’s sound work has become an indelible part of our moviegoing lives.

In this impassioned interview, Mangini takes Patrick and JM on a sonic field trip they’ll never forget. Along the way, they learn the backstories behind some of the most unforgettable moments in the film—and gain amazing firsthand insights into the spur-of-the-moment decisions that shaped the movie into the transcendent document it became.

It’s one of the best conversations we’ve ever had.

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18 // Don't You Know What I Am? The Replicant in Us All

A couple of weeks ago, a new listener named Evie wrote in and opened up to us about how she experiences the world of Blade Runner. All of the staff at Shoulder of Orion were collectively heartened and blown away by the contents of her letter—so much so that we invited her as a guest on the podcast. At that point, Evie hadn't seen 2049.

Please join us as we discuss the importance of stories featured in both Blade Runner films, what it means to fit in, to be validated as a human, and live our collective agencies. Joining us in this episode are hosts JM Prater, Patrick Greene, his partner, Micah Greene, and our newly recurring host, Daniele Ferlito

16 // I'm Here for Mr. Wallace: Interviews with Dr. Robin Bunce

Dr. Robin Bunce, a historian of political ideas at the University of Cambridge, published a thought-provoking article in the New Statesman in October on how Blade Runner 2049's dystopian setting feels unsettlingly close to our own current cultural-political moment. We reached out to him for an interview, and it was so fascinating we called him back for a follow-up! In the first half, Patrick talks to Robin about geopolitics, architecture, slaves, distribution of wealth, and more; in the second half, JM focuses on why Dr. Bunce thinks Luv is the most fascinating character in the whole film.

Be sure to read Dr. Bunce's article, and let us know your thoughts! We look forward to having him back on the show.

If you'd like to purchase Owen Hatherley's A New Kind of Bleak (referenced in the first half), you can find it here.

Episode 4: Indulge Me

In this episode, Patrick and Jaime discuss the latest short film, Nowhere to Run, featuring Dave Bautista as Sapper. We continue to discuss the news of Hans Zimmer taking over as composer for Blade Runner 2049, and what that could mean for the score. Last but not least, we discuss the revelation that Sean Young quietly filmed for three days to reprise her role as Rachael. All this, and so much more. Enjoy!


On this episode, JM discusses all things Blade Runner with Ryan Allen, the founder of the Blade Runner Reality Instagram account which has a huge following, and the coinciding Facebook group of the same name.

JM and Ryan deconstruct Blade Runner, its effects in our culture, how it changed us as people, and the upcoming sequel. We hope you enjoy.