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37 // Uncharted Territory

In another exclusive interview, Dan sits down with Territory Studio Creative Lead Peter Eszenyi, who created the screen effects for some of the most memorable scenes in Blade Runner 2049. From the spinner displays, to the Denabase, to the beautiful bone scan sequence in the morgue, Peter gets into great detail on the direction his team received from Denis Villeneuve himself and how they were able to incorporate abstract concepts into beautiful, iconic screens that the actors could interact with on set during filming. Join us in another deep dive into the beautiful visuals of the film and the artists behind them.

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36 // The Best One: Luv

If there’s one character who crystalizes the beautiful ambivalence that defines Blade Runner 2049, it’s Luv. In this sprawling roundtable, DanPatrickMicah, and returning guest Dr. Robin Bunce dive headfirst into the mysteries surrounding this fascinating character. Stay tuned at the end for some insightful guest commentary from Iain Souter

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31 // Joi: Everything You Want to Hear

Joi, as played by Ana de Armas, continues to be one of the most discussed characters from Blade Runner 2049. In our ongoing conversations, Shoulder of Orion hosts: DanPatrickJM, and contributing host Micah invite Dr. Robin Bunce back on to speak on Joi's role in 2049 and her humanity (or lack thereof) within the story. Rounding out the symposium panel is special guest Barbara Schmuker, a first-time guest on the show, and yet another important voice in the fandom. Please join us for this exciting/long-awaited/often requested episode.

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28 // A Good Joe: Exploring Officer KD6-3.7

On this episode, hosts Dan, Patrick, and JM sit down with contributing host Micah Greene and special guest Peter (from the midwest) to discuss Officer K. 

Peter surprised us all by starting out the conversation with a simple question, but an important one. We hope that you enjoy listening to this episode as much as we enjoyed recording it.

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22 // Her Eyes Were Green: Interviewing Rachael 2049 Actor Loren Peta

For so many of us, Blade Runner 2049 continues to cast a spell. As we here at Shoulder of Orion move forward, we are committed to bringing you exclusive content which includes behind the scenes interviews with many of the filmmakers, actors and writers involved with the film. In this interview, JM had the pleasure of speaking with Loren Peta, the actor hired to play Rachael 2.0 on the set of Blade Runner 2049. Enjoy.

17 // Sapper's Tree: Unicorn Totems & The Importance of Memory

Patrick and Jaime are joined by special guest Dan Ferlito as they dive into the significance of memory, unicorn totems, and what it means to be human. This episode continues the deeper exploration of Blade Runner 2049, and how it continues to sit with us as the film leaves theaters and awaits a home video release. 

14 // Building a Physical World: The Miniature Team of Blade Runner: 2049

In this exclusive interview episode, Jaime sits down with the minature artists behind Blade Runner: 2049: Weta Workshop's Steven Saunders, Chris Menges, and Joaquin Loyzaga. Learn the secrets behind expansive worlds like the Trash Mesa, and that incredible and amazing cityscape we have loved since our affair with the original film. This conversation was informative and surreal. Thanks to Steven, Chris and Joaquin for their time and efforts, and lifting the veil for all of us fans.

13 // We Shall Storm Eden and Retake Her: Listener Feedback

Patrick and Jaime discuss listener letters and voicemails from the past few episodes. The topic of Joi comes up again, as the character continues to be a source of fascination and controversy. Thank you to everyone who called and wrote us. This podcast means so much to us, and it's wonderful to hear that it means so much to you.

12 // The Controversy of Blade Runner 2049

In what is our longest episode yet, clocking in at around two hours, Jaime and Patrick are joined by Micah Greene, fan of Blade Runner, and coincidentally, Patrick's spouse and partner. Hold on to your hats, this episode is intense, as Jaime, Patrick and Micah breakdown the role and portrayal of women in Blade Runner 2049, while briefly discussing the visibility of people of color. The best science fiction asks hard questions, it shows us a mirror of ourselves, pushing us to explore, understand more. This is exactly what this amazing conversation turns into. We hope you enjoy. 

11 // Home Again, Home Again: 2049 Spoiler Roundtable Part 2

It's been a few weeks since Blade Runner 2049 had its wide theatrical release, and the reverberations of this amazing film have been felt in all corners of Blade Runner fandom. JMRyan, and Patrick decided it was time to gather together for another freewheeling roundtable discussion episode to unpack what's on our minds.

What are the images, ideas, sound cues, etc. we can't stop thinking about? What are fans delving into on social media? How has our relationship with this film and its characters changed as we've seen it again and again over the past month?

And as you're listening, think about what you'd like to contribute to our show! We want to get your thoughts. Your reviews. Your ideas. Your arguments. We want to feature your voice on Shoulder of Orion. So call our voice message number at (213) 787-7894 this week, and we'll feature your call on an upcoming episode!