700 layer cake

59 // A Belly Full of Killing: Discussing the Theatrical Cut Part 2 (A 700 Layer Cake Part 9)


It was clear from our first deep-dive into the Theatrical Cut that one episode wasn't going to be enough to cover it. In Part 2, Jaime and Patrick are joined by frequent guest Peter and first-time guest Steve for an extended, wide-ranging investigation into Blade Runner as it first greeted the world at large in 1982.

This time around, the team spends a great deal of time looking at historical context—not just the history of the film, but the history of ourselves. Steve, a film/TV professional who fell in love with Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in the sixties and saw Blade Runner in the theater, shares his unique perspective with us. We also take time exploring initial critical reactions to the film—and end up finding some kindred spirits in small-market newspapers nearly forty years ago.

The journey of Blade Runner is a crazy, quixotic, beautiful mess. We are so lucky to explore it with all of you.

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55 // All My Friends Are Toys: Shoulder of Orion Interviews William Sanderson (A 700 Layer Cake Part 6)


The mysterious "toymaker" J.F. Sebastian is an iconic part of Blade Runner history—and the man behind the character is just as fascinating. In this interview, beloved character actor William Sanderson sits down with Dan and Patrick to discuss his journey to Hollywood, his experience working with Ridley Scott, and his recent memoir (which you can purchase here, on Amazon).

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49 // Everything Is True: Philip K. Dick and the Birth of a Universe (A 700 Layer Cake: Part 1)

Welcome to the first installment of our first-ever Shoulder of Orion miniseries: A 700 Layer Cake: The Cult of Blade Runner! Since we'll be spending a great deal of time over the coming months focusing on the first Blade Runner film, we thought it fitting to go back to the very beginning: Philip K. Dick's seminal Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Before there was a global fan community—before there were films, before there were digital paintings and tribute albums and comic books and computer games and fan conventions—there was a little book by a brilliant, troubled man.

Our story—the story of this very podcast—begins with that novel. 

Let's start from the beginning.

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